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Our team

I like the company, particularly small or medium size firms. A close team unified by the same project: that’s life for me! I gained a taste for effort during my childhood on the family farm in the south of France near the Pyrenees. After my engineering studies in Toulouse, my professional path led me to computer technologies. I worked mainly for small firms in which I was able to develop my own methods all over the world. When the time came for retirement, my choice was easily orientated towards an activity in wines, developing the Domaine J. Laurens as a new adventure in which I could invest my experience and knowledge. I also had the feeling that it would be a great opportunity to understand a new environment and meet enthusiastic people.

The Domaine J. Laurens gave me the opportunity to return to the soil, close to my mountains, confronting myself to the realities of nature - harvests depend so much on seasons, climatic conditions, diseases… A combination of traditional knowledge and new technologies has guided my daily decisions, aiming at the worldwide market for our wines. The property has also been a great chance to meet new people with the conviviality and humanism which are so characteristic in the wine business.

I am delighted with the outcome of this project! The exceptional dedication of my team has enabled us to produce fine, elegant sparkling wines and share the firm intention to continue this wonderful adventure a long way further...