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Our team

A Message from Jacques

I love Business, especially the fact that we are a SMB with a Team focused on the same projects and goals, for me this is everything.

Originally from the Pyrénées Audoises near Limoux, my childhood area enabled me to appreciate the simplicity of things and the reward for hard work.

After studying in computer engineering, I had the opportunity to travel to various countries for my business and created my own business in Geneva which rapidly grew over Switzerland (Bâle & Zurich).

I sold my company in the year 2000 and decided to return to my childhood roots.
With my interest for wine, territorial roots, enthusiasm to grow a small company and my exporting experience, I made the decision to buy a small winery that already created sparkling wines, of course I am talking about Domaine J.Laurens.

 There was a big task ahead and lots of learning too. A new challenge for myself during my retirement years and I was not disappointed!

Confronting the reality of the hard work for a winegrower, facing the hazards of weather and climate changes, grasping modern technology all while keeping the traditional limoux method, the strict AOC rules to follow, developing the export market with its specific demands per country, making the correct investments and a strict day to day management are amongst some off the many challenges I have had to face.

Thanks to a cohesive team who are motivated and committed, a team which has grown alongside the growth of J. Laurens, I have had the pleasure in making J. Laurens a brand off high quality sparkling wines.

Together we will continue to produce fine and elegant wines, while also improving year after year as we have always done.

Our next goal, which is not a small one, is to become organic. We are just at the start off our organic conversion; however, I am excited to work hard to provide a cleaner environment for the next generation.